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Marketers and copywriters use the swipe file in order to pool clips from the efficient and best campaigns of advertising. Then they can refer to that swipe file whenever the inspiration hits them or in order to see if their thoughts have previously been tried. As marketing and copywriting rely on producing the results of direct sales, understanding which things work in promo or advertisement saves important dollars and helps professionals to have success. Get all the info you need here.

Have you heard of the term: “Copywriting”?

Wikipedia defines it as: “Copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. Although the word copy may be applied to any content intended for printing (as in the body of a newspaper article or book), the term copywriter is generally limited to promotional situations, regardless of the medium (as in ads for print, television, radio or other media).
The aim of marketing copy, or promotional text, is to sway the reader, listener or viewer to act-for example, to purchase a product or subscribe to a particular viewpoint”.

In the Net marketing world, copywriting is utilized extensively to promote blog readership, get opt-ins for list building and to monetize your prospects.

If you really wish to be successful in your Net business, you’ll have to learn the ropes of effective copywriting so that your readers will love you. Thankfully, good copy writing practices is a learnable skill and there are swipe files.

The Basics

The power to turn words into gold is in all likelihood the most important aspect of any marketer that succeeds. If you are able to do this, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you are able to make cash from anyplace, anytime merely from your words.

Back in the day, the best “copywriters” were the amazing businesspersons of the olden days who understood how to sell anything to anyone. While individuals possessed mighty weapons, their most mighty weapon was their pen (or tongue).

Nowadays, modern entrepreneurs are making a killing utilizing copywriting techniques and swipe files in their businesses. Bear in mind, selling things online is a lot more difficult than selling things offline because you lack the sincerity of voice and body language.

All the same, if you understand how to tap into the power of copywriting to excite the emotions of your buyers, you’ll be laughing your way to the bank.

In the next few chapters, I’m going to reveal to you these mysteries.

The Essentials Of Speed Copy Writing

For a copywriter, swipe files may be worth everything. They will reduce the amount of time you need to think about projects, provide you fresh insights and ideas, help you become a greater copywriter by copying them by hand or typing it out and analyzing it, and may give you a behind-the-scenes look at how that copy was made if you understand how to do it correctly.

What’s Needed

As a copywriter or marketer, you have to utilize your own new ideas in the project at hand as well. It will bring a freshness and distinction to it. Utilize the swipe file to produce something fresh. It ought to be a source of inspiration to get you further into the art of copywriting, and not a way of totally escaping out of it!

Copywriting is utilized in a lot of places throughout your Net business funnel. Here are a few illustrations of common used places:

  • Site content
  • Blog posts
  • Landing Pages
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Sales Pages

Remember, the elemental goal of copywriting is to get your readers to do what you want them to do. E.g. making a purchase or signing on to your mailing list.
Consequently, it’s really crucial that you determine what your wanted result is prior to you embarking on your copywriting crusade. Clarity is power so it’s crucial to understand what you’re after so that when you write, things will go the direction you wish them to go.

All right, let’s look at a few basics. Bearing in mind that we wish our readers to do what we want them to do we also can’t be too forceful.

Here’s rule number 1: Stay casual

You would like to be seen as a friendly individual who’s also an expert in your field and not like a blatant salesman. The latter will cause individuals to dislike you and treat you as a spammer.

The next thing you have to understand is that some rules are really illogical. But one thing that adds up is this, good practices have been tested and proven (split-tested) by top internet marketers for years, so instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, follow what works and harvest the rewards!

All the same, I strongly encourage you do a little split testing of your own as well. Do away with things that don’t work and duplicate or reproduce things that do – that’s the surefire way to success!

Next up, we’ll check into one of the most crucial components of a great copy – headlines.

What About Headlines

The headline is the most crucial portion of any copy. If your headlines neglect to catch the attention of your readers, it doesn’t matter how great your offer is or how great the rest of your copy is. You only have 5 seconds to make catch your reader’s attention before they move on, so make it count.


The headline has to be attention-getting and bolded to immediately get your reader’s attention. The sub headline will reinforce the message of the headline.

Use font faces like “Impact” and red fonts to grab the reader’s attention. Using black words in the header are to break the monotony of the headline. It’s likewise used to exemplify the crucial points of the copy.

Here’s a crucial thing to note: You ought to never use FULL caps for your headline. Simply use it when essential.


It looks like somebody screaming at you – who’d like that? Likewise, full caps looks spammy and nobody nor Google would like that.

In addition to that, a headline has to utilize eye-catching words which will instantly excite the emotions. Have you ever seen magazines at a newsstand? The headlines commonly sound catchy and utilize words which excite curiosity and emotions with topics like sex, cash and drama.

Ask yourself, what niche are you in? What words may you use to excite emotions and produce drama in your niche?

Here are some headline swipes.

  • How To …In Less Than
  • Who Else Wants To In Only ?
  • Who Else Wants To And ?
  • To
  • To People Who Want To — But Can’t Get Started
  • To Men Who Want To — But Can’t Get Started
  • To Women Who Want To — But Can’t Get StartedIt’s A Shame For You Not To — When These People Do It So Easily
  • Thousands Now Who Never Thought They Could
  • Great New Discovery Helps You

Bringing In Emotions

If you start learn any new task you study what the experts in the field are using. Copywriting is no different in that respect from learning to do anything you have not done before.

The most beneficial way to learn how to draw up sales copy is to see what the copywriting dominates are doing on the subject. Use swipe files and practice what you see there. In time, you’ll find yourself tearing other peoples’ sales pages apart and picking out the amazing bits – the spots that stop you in your tracks and make you wish that you had scripted that.


We talked about emotions previously. Back in the day, a lot of businesses used something called “Unique Selling Point” or “Unique Selling Propositions” to distinguish themselves from their competition to rake in more sales.

While that is really crucial, in the Net world, we have something else called “Emotional Selling Point” – Which is the power to tap into the emotions of your readers so that you are able to make them carry out your most wanted action.

Here’s an illustration of an emotional selling point:

“I knew what it was like struggling as a new marketer, learning how to draw traffic. Occasionally, I only had a slice of bread a day as I wasn’t making a lot of money from my online business…”

This classic illustration relates the hardship faced by the marketer to the individual reading the sales copy, who’s likely facing the same issues he once faced.

Emotional selling points likewise deal a lot with powerful emotion stimulating words. For instance, in the make money online niche you would utilize words like: “time and financial freedom, free from the bonds of 9-5, resign from the rat face”.

These terms are emotional terms related to the niche that individuals may easily relate to and connect with.

In short, if you wish to use emotions effectively to promote your business, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What niche are you in?
2) What sort of words/stories/situations can individuals in your niche identify with?

Once you’ve ascertained the answer to these two questions, you are able to try and brainstorm as many ideas as possible that you are able to use in your sales copies or marketing content.

Here are some examples to get you started.

  • Are you tired of promoting programs that only benefit the person who sponsored you? I was! And then I found this system…
  • Build your team and make money at the same time. When your team is built…..dominate in the Matrix and MLM arenas for goodness sakes, Put the horse first……
  • There is a very simple way to use the power of leverage and for you to easily
  • Reach Financial Wealth And Retire Young. Are you ready?
  • This is the right place with the right tools to bring you success online. Step by step guide to build your down line. You are never left wondering what to do next.
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  • Are you an active promoter? Are you having troubles getting your own referrals to be just like you? If so, look no further… And don’t give up yet!! Nobody is born a skilled marketer. All you need is the right tools, and the right guidance.
  • Skilled marketer is not born, but with the right tool and the right guidance you will be one! Just follow this step-by-step marketing teaching and repeat those steps over and over, everyday.

Your mind turn around and open up a new door: a skilled marketer IS born! Join this pocket blaster program, every penny worth…..

Turning Around Objections

Addressing objections is an integral skill great sales copywriting. If an individual reads a piece of sales copy, a lot of questions will pop up in his mind in attempt to “protect” him from “letting go of his cash”. This is a natural behavior, and if you understand how to address these objections effectively in your copy as they come forth, you’ll be harvesting in massive rewards.

Here’s a few commonly utilized techniques and swipes for addressing objections:

Addressing Concerns

1) Recommendations
Social proof is something almost everybody looks for when they want to buy a product. The more convincing and reliable the recommendation seems, the more they’ll believe the product is great. Try to include recommendations with snapshots of the purchaser, or utilize video testimonials if even better.

Having a frequently asked questions section helps greatly in getting over any objections that come up. Here you are able to address all the common misconceptions that might sprout up such as how to use the product, for whom is the product right for and price worries.

3) Post scripts (P.S)
P.S or Post scripts have been utilized extensively in sales letters to supercharge conversions. Before clicking the “Add to cart” button individuals will commonly have a final line of defense which prevents them from making the buy. If you have a couple of post scripts ready, you are able to give them that final nudge to make the buy.

4) Great causes to buy
A personal favorite of mine, this section gives your readers a few great reasons to help them rationalize their buy and greatly supercharge your profits.
Incorporate these great tools for addressing objections in your sales copy and you’ll soon see a surge in your sales!


  • Don’t forget to check out the……
  • is releasing only 723 copies and this is not a scarcity trick here, trust me. You can see the live counter on the page and it is going down pretty fast. Once it reaches zero the SOLD OUT sign will appear.
  • The response about ________ has been overwhelming and extremely positive. There are over 743 comments on the blog already! For those of you that haven’t jumped on, this is one train you don’t want to miss. You can still get a copy today.
  • This offer will be available at this special promotion price for a limited time only. I reserve the right to increase the sale price at any time without warning or notice.
  • Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to leave empty handed. You can take advantage of my 100% Risk Free Offer and begin ______ today!

Reasons to buy

  • Explode your ______
  • Boost Your profits
  • Reduce your _______
  • Double / Triple / Quadruple your profits
  • Skyrocket your sales count!
  • See your profit margin soar through the roof!
  • Can an extra $1000 a month help improve your lifestyle?
  • Become a ________ machine
  • Add new income streams instantly
  • Boost your _______ by tonight
  • Step-by-step formula to making your _______
  • Get paid to ________

Getting People To Take Action

The call to action is likely one of the most essential elements of any piece of content. The first thing you have to do is decide what is your most desired outcome that you want for your buyers/prospects to carry out.


Different elements of your business would commonly call for a different type of desired outcome.

Blog – Comments
Facebook page – Likes
Landing page – opt ins
Emails – Click throughs
Sales pages – Purchases

These are the basic types of results you would commonly desire.

So when you have determined that, your call to action has to be worded or shaped to facilitate that sort of action.

For instance: For a blog setting, a great call to action would be – “If you liked this post of have any ideas of your own, please leave me a comment down below!”
As crazy as it might sound to literally tell a reader what to accomplish, split test studies have demonstrated this to be truly effective. So the best way to accomplish results fast is to model what other people have been doing which works and eliminate things that don’t work!

To give another illustration, if you wish for prospects to make a purchase, you could ask them to “Snap up your copy before it runs out!”

Note that I’ve added an easy scarcity factor (one of the extra marketing nuggets frequently used) by claiming that it will run out if you don’t move now.

Adding scarcity factors or time sensitivity to your call to actions frequently result in elevated conversions, so don’t forget to include it in whatever you do!

Lastly, you have to bear in mind that the success rate of the call to action isn’t entirely the result of the words of use in the calling, but how you put together different elements of your sales copy such as post scripts, handling objections and showing the advantages.

Here are some call to action swipes.

  • We are offering ____ for just $___, for a limited time only!
  • Make a difference today
  • You can access the downloads instantly after purchasing online via our secure server
  • Get it now risk free
  • Get rid of your problems now in an instant
  • We are here to help you
  • We want to be part of your success story
  • We will hold you by the hand
  • Talk to us and we’ll help you make a decision
  • Lock your spot at $90 off
  • For the next 48 hours, you can get 90% off
  • Secure your copy now for _____
  • Act now while it’s at its lowest price
  • Rebate
  • Only through this link
  • Huge savings when we cut our prices

The A-Z of Copywriting

Copywriting is the act of writing copy for advertising goods and services. Copywriting is the requirement and need of every company for marketing of goods and services. Copywriting is the art and science in which strategically delivery of words to attract the people and take action. Today copywriters are the highest paid writers but getting the good copywriter is not so easy. To become expert in copywriting, the person should invest time and energy in studying the art of copywriting.

Now we are going to discuss the A-Z activities in art of copywriting:


  1. Action = The whole motive of copywriting is the reader should take action after reading your copy or text. Therefore, at the time of copywriting, you should think what the reader wants to read. People should act positively after reading your copy or text. Likewise, the person should act while reading your email, your advertising banner, your flyer.
  2. Brevity = While writing use influential words and do not use the unnecessary words in copywriting.
  3. Content = Content is a very important part of copywriting. Content should be influential and attractive to read and make readers read. Content is building trust with your readers and it is one of the ways of boosting search engine traffic.
  4. Drafts = Drafts are also an important part of copywriting. Before publishing the first draft, just read repeatedly and make editing that’s needed for good copywriting.
  5. Email = Email is the best way to interact with your readers. You might be using facebook, twitter or any other social media for online marketing but email is the best way to interact with your reader by sending subscription copy and discount offers.
  6. Free = The word Free is very good and does wonders in marketing. Customers perk up with this word. Free reports, free eBooks, free themes and free samples are the way to attract potential customers.
  7. Grammar = Readers like writing that is relaxed and free from mistakes. Mistakes in grammar will put off your potential customers.
  8. Headlines = Headlines are very important to grab the attention of customers. Some customers, just buy reading the headline, will leave. Therefore, if you have attractive headline customers will read further.
  9. Interest = You can grab attention, but you have to deliver as per your headline. You need to hold your reader through all the content.
  10. Jobs = If you are freelance copywriter than you need jobs. Clients hire copywriters they have already heard of and therefore you need to market yourself.
  11. Keywords = If you want your content searched by many readers, than you should use language which is searched for by the readers.
  12. Links = Links are very important because it will directly bring readers to your content and boost your search engine ranking.
  13. Money = You might offer free eBooks, but remember you have to be a moneymaker for people to take you seriously.
  14. Notebook = As a copywriter get in the habit of keeping a notebook. It is handy and you can capture sudden thoughts and headlines, which come to mind.
  15. Openings = The start of your piece is almost as crucial as the headline. The first few lines will either draw the reader in to read what is next or lose them for good.
  16. Punctuation = As a copywriter your punctuation should be perfect. Because using the wrong punctuation will change the meaning of sentence.
  17. Questions = Your copy needs to address those questions; otherwise you will lose a potential customer. If you are creating content, look at the questions which readers might ask repeatedly about your topic.
  18. RSS = Most of your regular blog readers won’t come back to your site every day. They will want your content to come to them. That means you need to have an RSS feed. Run it through Feedblitz or Feedburner so that you can track your subscriber numbers and so you can provide an email option too.
  19. Scarcity = Ever been on the fence about buying something, only to see that the store had just one left? You probably snapped it up fast. When a product or service is in short supply, we’ll often make a decision to buy … instead of putting it off indefinitely.
  20. Testimonials = Readers are automatically a little suspicious about what you say. Of course, you think your product is great but does it really stand up to the hype? Therefore, testimonials are very important to get rid of these fears.
  21. Urgency = Like scarcity, urgency prompts your potential customers to make a decision, instead of not taking action for weeks — or leaving your sales page and forgetting all about your offer.
  22. Voice = Your writing has a unique flavor — its voice. A friendly-but-authoritative voice works well for most copywriters: you do not want to put your reader to sleep with technical jargon, but you don’t want to come across as a rambling chatterbox either.
  23. Writing = An essential part of copywriting is … writing. Therefore, your writing skills should be writing should be good and unique.
  24. XXX = When you are not getting an idea to write about, take a break and go back to it later.
  25. You = Focus on the reader, and talk directly to him or her using “you”.
  26. Zing = Being able to write plain, straightforward sentences is an art. Clarity counts for a lot. However, it’s not necessarily going to get you the sale, or any repeat traffic.

Wrapping Up

This section deals with swipe files that you are able to instantly use and copy and paste into your sales copy. These swipe files have been tested and proven to have elevated conversion rate supercharging effects and will greatly benefit your sales page.

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The power to sell from your words and make major profits is an art. Thankfully, it’s also a skill that may be learned and honed.

Your job as a marketer is to diligently practice these techniques on a daily basis. The more copy you write, the better you’ll get and soon you’ll be able to churn our high quality sales copy with ease.

Don’t be deterred if your sales copy doesn’t convert well the first time. Continue tweaking your copy and remove out the things that don’t work and substitute them with things that do. Split testing is the key to mastering the art of copywriting.

The better you get, the faster you get as well. With more spare time at hand, you are able to center on other parts of your business to bring in more profits to yourself.